Gas Sensors for a cleaner, healthier, safer world

>50x improvement in cost, size and power enables and expands air quality monitoring for a safe, clean, healthy environment

How it Works

A Brief Analogy

In simple terms, imagine a sponge that absorbs the target gas. Then picture a scale that measures the increased weight of the sponge.

An Innovative Approach

Our sensor uses porous materials (molecular sponge) called Metal-organic Frameworks and a quartz resonant mass transducer (scale).

Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Tens of thousands of uniquely ‘tunable’ configurations enable the MOF molecular sponge to absorb a specific gas.

  • IRMOF 3

  • MOF 199

  • UiO 66

  • ZIF 7

  • ZIF 8

Our Team

David Britt

Director of R&D
Ph. D. Chemistry, UCLA

Paul Wilkinson

Systems Engineering Director
Ph. D. Chemistry, UCLA

Steve Yamamoto

Ph. D. Physics UCSD, MBA SDSU

About Us

Matrix Sensors is a technology spinout from Stanford and UCLA. We are funded by venture capital with additional funding from government grants. Our mission is to democratize air quality sensors for a cleaner, healthier, and safer world. Want to learn more? Drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you.

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