Gas sensors for a Cleaner, Healthier, Safer World

How it Works

A Simple Analogy

Imagine a sponge that can absorb the target gas. Then imagine it sits on a scale that can measure the sponge’s increased weight.

An Innovative Approach

Our sensor uses porous materials called metal-organic frameworks (our sponge) and a quartz resonant mass transducer (our scale).

The Technology

Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are the world’s most porous materials. MOFs are like molecular “Tinker Toys” where the “sticks” are organic linkers and the “joints” are metal nodes. The gas absorption properties of MOFs can be tuned by varying the linkers and nodes. Over 90,000 MOF structures have been catalogued to date making MOFs the ideal gas sensor material.

  • empty pores
  • organic linkers
  • metal nodes

Our Team

Steve Yamamoto, Ph.D.

Steve Yamamoto, Ph.D. CEO

Tom Carr, M.S.

Tom Carr, M.S. VP Engineering

Paul Wilkinson, Ph.D.

Paul Wilkinson, Ph.D. Director of Advanced Technologies

Jessica Moreton, Ph.D.

Jessica Moreton, Ph.D. Senior Staff Scientist, IPERF Fellow

Elaine Silverman

Elaine Silverman R+D Engineer

Kevin Yin, M.S.

Kevin Yin, M.S. R+D Associate

Matthew Timnak

Matthew Timnak R+D Associate

Michel Chen

Michel Chen R+D Associate

Tyler Sepulveda

Tyler Sepulveda Office Administrator

About Us

Matrix Sensors is a gas sensor technology spinout from UCLA. Our mission is to democratize various air quality sensors for a cleaner, healthier and safer world. Want to learn more? Drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you.

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